Introduction is a tiny Python script that connects to a Firebird database (using the excellent python-kinterbasdb extension) and generates xhtml files which contain information about the database schema. Optionally it can export the data in the tables to xhtml files as well.

How to get it?

Prefered way for getting it is checking out the subversion repository.

Check it out with:

svn co

You can also browse the Subversion repository online.

How to use it?

Run ./ --help and you get all the avaiable parameters. Here is a list of them:

yves@valhalla:~/projects/python/fbdbinfo$ ./ --help
usage: [options]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -o Outputfile, --output-file=Outputfile
                        xhtml index file to be generated. Default: index.html
  -a Alias, --alias=Alias
                        Servername + Database path or alias
  -u User, --user=User  Firebird User for connecting to the given Database.
                        Default: SYSDBA
  -p Password, --pass=Password
                        Password of the given Firebird User. Default:
  -c Charset, --charset=Charset
                        Database Charset. Default: ISO8859_1
  -d Dialect, --dialect=Dialect
                        Firebird SQL Dialect. Default: 1
  -e, --export-tables   Export each table in the DB to an xhtml file
  -E List, --export-tables-except=List
                        Export all the tables, except the ones in this comma-
                        separated list
  -I List, --export-only-tables=List
                        Export only the given comma-separated list of tables
  -D, --delete-html-files
                        Remove ALL .html files in the current folder before
  -q, --quiet           Don't print out anything, operate quietly


Mailing list: fbdbinfo-devel at

The sourceforge project page is

© 2006 by Yves Glodt